&,The cherished relationships between you and me.

Thank you for coming into my life. Because of you, I am no longer on my own;I have learned to how to love.In the hustle and bustle of life, you have brought warmth and support.We have become co-dependent of each other.

The cherished relationships between you and me.


Founded in 2014 from Taipei. tails&me values the connection between the owner and their pets. Our design is simple and sleek with comfortable natural colors and high-quality materials. We aim to bring pet products back to its simplest and most natural form.
Every tails&me product prioritizes comfort and functionality through our delicate sewing and stitching techniques. We believe the softness you feel when you touch our fabric can be felt by your beloved pets too. We hope to meet your expectations of high quality and affordable pricing of our products,so we can create the just-perfect cherished relationships between the owners and their pets.